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Noritake USA Abrasives Division Mason Ohio

For over 40 years, Noritake has been the leader in Vitrified Cubic Boron Nitride technology.

In 1971 Noritake successfully developed the world’s first Vitrified CBN grinding wheel and revolutionized manufacturing in Japan. In 2003, when many companies were hesitant to expand their manufacturing base Noritake courageously began breaking ground and expanding its CBN production to the United States.

Noritake’s North America Abrasive Headquarters and USA factory is centrally located in the beautiful Mason Ohio. Our USA Factory engineers have taken the bold approach of not only expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the United States but to continuously remain the premiere supplier to the leading automotive, aerospace, bearing and Medical facilitates in North America.

For over 40 years, Noritake has been the leader in Vitrified Cubic Boron Nitride technology. Our CBN abrasives consistency matched with our engineering prowess has been evaluated and validated.

Noritake History

“Manufacturing beautiful, finely detailed porcelain in Japan.”
Noritake was born of our founders’ passion.
Aspiration for Overseas Trading

Towards the end of the samurai period in Japan, Ichizaemon Morimura, a merchant, witnessed large outflows of gold from Japan to overseas. Preached by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a famous scholar of Western studies, that “in order to get gold back to Japan, we must get hold of foreign currencies by export trade”, Ichizaemon made a resolution to start overseas trading by himself for his country. In 1876, Ichizaemon set up a trading firm called “Morimura Gumi” and sent his brother, Toyo, to New York to open an imported goods store, “Morimura Brothers”. It was the start of their overseas trading and the first step into Noritake’s history.

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Noritake Super Abrasives Diamond and CBN

Noritake Super Abrasives Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are designed for a wide variety of materials. Noritake grinding wheels are a proven high quality, precision product. Noritake can design and develop abrasive products for any standard or difficult application. In today’s manufacturing field with many new exotic material and micron precision tolerances a high performance grinding wheel has become a requirement.

Global Support

With over 100 years of Creative Technology and Tradition our abrasive products can be found in the manufacturing facilities all over the world that requires exceptional performance and superior grinding precision.

Noritake USA Facility

For over 40 years, Noritake has been the leader in Vitrified CBN Technology. Our CBN abrasives are consistency matched with our engineering expertise that has been evaluated throughout the Automotive, Bearing, and aerospace facilities around the world.

One of Noritake’s biggest accomplishments was building our 42,000sq.ft Vitrified CBN facility in the beautiful Mason, Ohio. Our increased manufacturing capacity of CBN products has positioned us to be the world’s largest manufacture of Vitrified CBN products. Noritake’s new facility is capable of producing OD and ID VIT CBN grinding wheel applications. Production diameter capacities ranging from 250 – 650mm in outer diameter grinding wheels and 2 – 75mm for Inner diameter grinding wheels. Noritake is always looking for new abrasives challenges so, we hope that you have an interest in trying our performance driven products.