Grinding Safety

Grinding Wheels are a safe tool when used as they are designed to be.

However, when machines are used incorrectly or without caution, damage to the wheel can occur.
Be sure to follow the instructions below to ensure safe operation.

Noritake Grinding Wheel Operations and Handling Instructions:
  1. The three main rules of handle Noritake grinding wheels are “do not roll ”, “do not drop” and “do not bump.”
  2. Grinding wheels should be stored in dry locations and on shelves.
  3. Before attaching on a machine you should perform a visual inspection and ring test. This will ensure that there are no cracks, splitting or chipped areas.
  4. Make sure that the maximum speed and size indication on the wheel correspond to the machine.
  5. Place Flange with the outer diameter and contact width are equal on both sides. Check to make sure you have the correct flange size before installing.
  6. Use the blotters that come with the grinding wheel to insure proper installation. Make sure the flange diameters are larger than the blotters.
  7. After installing flange balance the wheel with the proper weight distribution.
  8. Ensure a gap of 3 mm or less between the wheel and work rest piece. Make sure to leave a gap of 3 to 10 mm between the wheel and the adjustable torque.
  9. The wheel mounting point should be used with a wheel axle lengths of 13 mm.
  10. A proper wheel shield should cover at least half of the grinding wheel diameter.
  11. After installation of a grinding wheels a pre-operation run should occur for at least one minute before grinding starts, and at least three minutes after replacing a grinding wheel. Portable grinders should be test-operated in a safe location.
  12. Safety equipment including PPE and dust-proof masks should be worn during grinding operation at all times.
  13. To prevent imbalance of the grinding wheel shut down coolant flow before stopping the wheel. Allow the grinding wheel to continue rotating in order to dry.
  14. Friction sparks should be contain by a screen or operation guard.
  15. Proper ventilation is highly recommended to prevent respiratory illnesses.


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