Noritake has supported the automotive industry for over 75 years by means of quality abrasives and an abundant knowledge of the automotive manufacturing process.
The reason for our longevity within the automotive industry is partially due to our creative technology and global support. Noritake supports the Automotive Industry with many abrasive products such as the Crank, CAM, Gear Ace and Ceramic grinding wheels with many more abrasive wheels available. With so many years of manufacturing innovative products for the automotive industry Noritake has the capabilities to offer direct ingenuity. Noritake Direct Ingenuity is creating abrasive products specifically for the grinding application. Noritake engineers can design a grinding wheel for any work-piece design from the beginning stages of innovation to the completed work-piece result.

To stay cutting edge with new products for the Automotive Industry Noritake created the MEGA Life wheel to provide extended life and with extreme durability. MEGA Life is ideal for CAM profile, Contour, and Cylindrical grinding applications. Developed to eliminate grinding burns and cracks under very high efficiency grinding conditions. The MEGA Life wheel special bond uses grain protrusion technology that delivers a remarkable work-piece finish quality under intense grinding condition.

  • Crank


    Noritake Crank grinding wheels are remarkable for preventing grinding burns to the shoulder of the Crankshaft. They are also designed...


  • CAM


    Noritake CAM Lobe grinding wheels are able to reduce manufactures tool cost due to increased dressing intervals. With Noritake’s special...


  • VP


    Noritake VP grinding wheel can deliver both good cutting and long life. The VP grinding wheel presents a 50% wheel...


  • Grit Ace

    Grit Ace

    Noritake Grit Ace grinding wheel was designed for finishing steel work-pieces with high speed to decrease cycle time. The Grit...


  • Centerless


    The Noritake Centerless grinding wheels are used to manufacture a wide range of parts including Engine Valves, Injection Nozzles, Balance...




    The SIGMA wheel is the ultimate tool for grinding parts that are susceptible to burning during grinding. Crank Shafts, Cam...


  • Diamond CBN Honing Stone

    Diamond CBN Honing Stone

    Noritake Diamond CBN Honing Stones are used for precision honing of the inner diameter of a cylinder. Diamond CBN Stones...


  • DDG Diamond / CBN

    DDG Diamond / CBN

    The DDG Diamond CBN wheel for double disc surface grinding uses diamond and CBN as abrasive grains. Resin metal and...


  • Gear Ace

    Gear Ace

    Noritake Gear grinding wheels were developed for amazing shape retention properties and excellent dressing ability. Great grinding resolution for applications...


  • Honing Stone

    Honing Stone

    Noritake provides many types of honing stone products but Keen Stone and Mr. Neo Lapper is our best. The Keen...


  • Life King

    Life King

    The Life King grinding wheels are created with a superior structure for long life. Available in cylindrical and internal grinding...