Noritake continues to be highly esteemed in providing complex designed abrasives for the Bearing industry.
Our abrasive solutions have improved the efficiency, quality and cost of manufacturing bearings. There are many types of grinding wheel applications that go into manufacturing bearings. The Centerless grinding wheel for the Outer Ring. For Balls of the bearing Noritake uses the Ball lapping wheels Ballz. The Inner Ring section of the bearing are grinded by Noritake outer dimensional and inner dimensional ceramic grinding wheels. The high quality surface finish of the bearing is provided by the Noritake Super Finishing Stones which are applied to inner and outer ring of the bearing. From Roller Bearing to Tapper Roller Bearing Noritake grinding wheels feature extraordinary quality abrasives and creative technology for producing high quality antifriction bearings.

The Noritake Flatdy is a disc grinding wheel with a new bond system to produce a sharp cutting edge that delivers high quality, long life and high efficiency grinding. The Flatdy grinding wheel is great for grinding the bearing face. The Flatdy features stable cutting ability which is maintained by a continues honing of the cutting edge. The grinding load is absorbed by the newly developed high shock absorbing bond. Flatdy reduces work-piece defects by eliminating burning, breaking and deformation during production.

  • XAP


    The XAP Internal Grinding wheel is a special vitrified bonded CBN quill mounted tool that demonstrates stable and extraordinary accuracy...


  • Ceramic CX

    Ceramic CX

    The CX wheel is ideal for grinding hard steels and gummy materials. The CX self sharping feature provides continues cutting...


  • Centerless


    The Noritake Centerless grinding wheels are used to manufacture a wide range of parts including Engine Valves, Injection Nozzles, Balance...


  • Diamond CBN Honing Stone

    Diamond CBN Honing Stone

    Noritake Diamond CBN Honing Stones are used for precision honing of the inner diameter of a cylinder. Diamond CBN Stones...


  • DDG Diamond / CBN

    DDG Diamond / CBN

    The DDG Diamond CBN wheel for double disc surface grinding uses diamond and CBN as abrasive grains. Resin metal and...


  • Honing Stone

    Honing Stone

    Noritake provides many types of honing stone products but Keen Stone and Mr. Neo Lapper is our best. The Keen...


  • Life King

    Life King

    The Life King grinding wheels are created with a superior structure for long life. Available in cylindrical and internal grinding...