Dressing Tools

Noritake Diamond Dresser are created with synthetic diamonds to perform efficient grinding wheel dressing, truing and forming.

Synthetic Diamonds are produce by an artificial process, as opposed to natural diamonds, which are created by geological process. Synthetic Diamonds are designed with Noritake’s tolerances and parameters, which insures a consistent design. When using Natural Diamonds as a source for dressing there can be inconsistencies because the diamond shape and type are never the same. These inconsistencies within the diamond can cause improper dressing practices and bad wheel forming. Because of this Noritake uses Synthetic Diamonds over Natural Diamonds as a design bass for grinding wheel truing, forming and dressing solutions.

  • Grit and Impregnated

    Grit and Impregnated

    Grit and Impregnated dressers feature a synthetic diamond grain powdered design. The powder metal coating of the Grit / Impregnated...


  • Electroformed Rotary

    Electroformed Rotary

    The Electroformed Rotary dressers are created by embedding synthetic diamonds with the use of electroforming. They feature a low dressing...


  • Metal-Bond Rotary & Scroll

    Metal-Bond Rotary & Scroll

    Metal bonded rotary dressers feature a spiral shaped diamond design in a metal bond that can be consistently dressed particle...


  • LL Rotary

    LL Rotary

    The LL Rotary features a traverse dressing design with prism shaped synthetic diamond aligned around its circumference. LL Rotary has...


  • LL Blade

    LL Blade

    The LL Blade dresser features an arrangement of multiple synthetic diamond rods. The parallel design permits minimal variation in the...


  • AD Forming

    AD Forming

    The AD Forming dresser features a monocrystalline diamond which is great for diamond wear resistance. The arrangement of the monocrystalline...


  • LL Cone

    LL Cone

    The LL Cone dresser features a sharped synthetic diamond rod tip for high precision grinding. LL Cone tip angle can...


  • LL Single-Point

    LL Single-Point

    The LL Single-Point dresser features a synthetic diamond rod. LL Single-Point are used for general purpose grinding wheel dressing. LL...