Noritake abrasive products are also a good source for producing medical components for knee, hip replacements parts, medical cutting tools such as reamers and drills.

Noritake has invested in abrasive tooling designs that are efficient and also flexible to ensure sustainable productivity to an ever changing industry such the Medical Industry. The Medical Industry can be very intricate in its work-piece designs with a high expectations for close tolerances and high surface finishes for completed work-pieces. Noritake has the abrasive knowledge to present key grinding wheel features to produce such needed work-piece tolerance and mirror surface finishes. Noritake also has the capabilities to design a grinding wheel specifically from a solid modeled work-piece. Leaving no room for error because the grinding wheel was created around the work-piece for precise grinding efficiency.

  • B88 for Needle Grinding

    B88 for Needle Grinding

    The B88 series wheels are used for grinding all shapes and sizes of needles. B88 is a perfect tooling choice...


  • Keep Bright

    Keep Bright

    Mirror finished grinding is now possible with Noritake’s Keep Bright. Fine Finish requirements are a feature for Keep Bright grinding...


  • Keep Edge

    Keep Edge

    The Keep Edge grinding wheel is engineered for high accuracy grinding. It’s high precision nose radius shapes gives Keep Edge...


  • Honing Stone

    Honing Stone

    Noritake provides many types of honing stone products but Keen Stone and Mr. Neo Lapper is our best. The Keen...