Tool Grinding

Noritake Tool grinding wheels are specifically designed to resist heat and hold shape.

With a high grain holding force Noritake Tool grinding wheels are highly recommended for multiple tool grinding applications such as End Mill Groove, Drill Tools and Cutting Tools. Noritake Tool grinding wheels are available in Vitrified Conventional, CBN, Resinoid CBN, Resinoid Diamond and Electroplated. There are many different applications for Tool grinding and Noritake has the creative technology available for any application.

  • Ceramic CX

    Ceramic CX

    The CX wheel is ideal for grinding hard steels and gummy materials. The CX self sharping feature provides continues cutting...


  • Electroplated


    Electroplated grinding wheel are for form grinding of various cores such as ferrite, Sm-Co and other raw materials. The Electroplated...


  • Diamond CBN Profile

    Diamond CBN Profile

    In profile grinding it is necessary to copy the wheel shape into the work-piece precisely. Noritake Diamond CBN wheel for...


  • DDG Diamond / CBN

    DDG Diamond / CBN

    The DDG Diamond CBN wheel for double disc surface grinding uses diamond and CBN as abrasive grains. Resin metal and...


  • Keep Bright

    Keep Bright

    Mirror finished grinding is now possible with Noritake’s Keep Bright. Fine Finish requirements are a feature for Keep Bright grinding...


  • Keep Edge

    Keep Edge

    The Keep Edge grinding wheel is engineered for high accuracy grinding. It’s high precision nose radius shapes gives Keep Edge...